How do I use my e-ticket?

E-tickets can be printed or displayed on your smartphone; please arrive at the boat counter 30 minutes before departure to check in and present your e-ticket to receive your physical ticket.

Does GeTiket have a dedicated counter for e-ticket exchange?

No, GeTiket does not have a dedicated counter for e-ticket exchange. You must exchange your e-ticket directly at the counter of the boat company you ordered from, which is listed on your e-ticket.

I'm not sure where the boat counter is to check in. Can you please send me a map or photo of the location?

Yes, each fast boat has its own ticket exchange counter at the port of departure. Please contact us on WhatsApp for a Google Maps link to the counter location.

Can I board the boat with just my e-ticket?

E-tickets are not valid for boarding the boat. You must exchange your e-ticket for a physical ticket at our partner boat counter at least 30 minutes before departure time.

I placed an order and paid for it, but I haven't received an order confirmation or e-ticket. What should I do?

We send order confirmations and e-tickets via email and WhatsApp. Sometimes our emails may end up in your spam folder, so please check there before contacting our customer support team for more information. Click here to contact us on whatsapp.

What happens if I arrive late for my boat?

If you arrive late and there are still seats available, you can join the next departure with the same boat at no additional cost. Please confirm your seat availability with the boat clerk at the counter or contact us on WhatsApp. There will be no refunds for late arrival. You can find more information about refunds here.


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